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Passion meets the plate. Focusing on making cooking for one fun using fresh and local ingredients, notable local wines, with a splash of fashion. Get Fresh, Get Local, Get Fabulous!

Sour Cherry and Dark Chocolate ice cream

It’s hot, so hot I can see my spirit animal. Which tells me to drink wine regularly but also that I should eat ice cream for breakfast and such. All week Toronto has experienced record tempratures and my twitter feed … Continue reading


Sour Cherry Compote

One of my favourite ways to celebrate local seasonal fruit, other than eating it straight up naked, is to make a compote. Compote is a french for mixture and the technique for this desert is slow cooking the fruit by … Continue reading

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Cherry & Lavender Clafoutis

Inspired by my favourite Patisserie Clafouti, gorgeous Niagara cherries, and a gift of some beautiful lavender, this summer treat highlights the very best eating locally has to offer. The inspiration The recipe Cherry & Lavender clafoutis (Adapted from Bon Appetit … Continue reading

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Sweet pea and garlic scape crostini

Sweet Pea and garlic scape crostini There are few things that bring me back to sunny summer memories of childhood more than shelling fresh peas. Inspired by my market finds of the first peas of the summer, garlic scapes, and … Continue reading

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Blissing on Spring- Rhubarb sorbet

Sunshine soaked days in the park after a long winter, you can’t help but be happy when Spring arrives. It elicits a feeling and a promise of what is to come. Farmer’s markets, and wine on patios admiring sunsets. One … Continue reading

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Happy 8th Birthday Clafouti-I have a little crush on your croissants

Owned by the unbelievably talented Olivier Jansen-Reynaud, Clafouti on Queen, opened January 28,2003. It has been my happy place for years! Walking into the intimate and authentic space, you are transported to Paris literally, met with a gorgeous smell of … Continue reading

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A Montreuil-sur-Mer dream-Michelin star dining at Stratford Chef School

When my good friend Mary Luz Mejia from Sizzling communications emailed me to alert me to the fact that acclaimed Chef Alexandre Gauthier of the Michelin star restaurant La GrenouillĂ©re in Montreuil-sur-Mer, France was coming to town, I was literally … Continue reading

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