Happy 8th Birthday Clafouti-I have a little crush on your croissants

Owned by the unbelievably talented Olivier Jansen-Reynaud, Clafouti on Queen, opened January 28,2003. It has been my happy place for years! Walking into the intimate and authentic space, you are transported to Paris literally, met with a gorgeous smell of fresh baked bread, buttery croissants, beautiful pastries and a perfect view of Trinity Bellwoods Park. Always greeted with a smile by the staff, and catching a glimpse of the bakers in the back, you feel right at home.

Sometimes less words are better than more so I will just say… Happy 8th Birthday to Clafouti! and share some pics of my Clafouti crush with you.

The store front

Clafouti store front

The sign- Spring, summer, or winter it always greets you with a message that lets you know you are entering somewhere special. This one is my favorite.

Clafouti sign my favorite message

You are greated by a beautiful wall of wooden boxes filled with authentic Parisian breads and croissants

Clafouti bread boxes

Beautiful bread boxes

Entrance way bread boxes

Croissants au beurre- I treasure these above all else

Croissant au beurre

Pain au chocolat

Pain au chocolat

One of my very favorite croissants- Almond

Almond croissant

Croissant de figue

Croissant de figue

Galettes des Rois- Seasonal treat baked in the style of Northern France complete with gold crowns from Paris.

Galettes des Rois

Galettes des Rois and Ondaatje- Two of my loves

The tradition is whoever finds the ceramic surprise inside the Galettes des Rois gets to be King or Queen for a day. The day I brought these treats to share at the Drake, I earned my crown as Princess!


Why brown bag it? When you could have a gorgeous mango chicken curry baguette?

Clafouti Sanwiches

Mango chicken curry with walnuts on baguette

I stop by as many of the days as I can to visit my happy place and indulge in my croissant crush.

Happy Desk Happy Jennifer

Located near Queen and Strachan this is both a neighbourhood favorite and a place that people travel to, to satify their cravings so get there early. There is often a line up and on the weekends you can expect croissant supplies to be running low by 11am.

Clafouti contact info

Enjoy! Baking the best croissants in Toronto, all of this Patisserie’s products are made with love, and are the closet to Paris that you will find in Canada. Ah Oui! Allons-y


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