iYellow Wine Club a fresh and modern take on discovering the world of wine

I discovered iyellowwineclub quite by accident when a friend of mine joined their facebook group. Being a huge wine fan who knew very little beyond what I liked and didn’t like, I was very excited to find a wineclub that was local where I could both learn more and connect with a community of people who shared a similar passion.

What makes iyellowwineclub different?
Looking for a space to share the wine knowledge with her friends and family, Angela Aiello started iyellowwineclub back in 2006. She also recognized that there were few events and clubs catering to a younger demographic. She started her wine conversation as a blog and has been wildly successful with membership in wineclub growing to over 5,000. Membership is free and the events are priced very affordably offering excellent value for dollar.

Why I love iyellow
If you have ever watched wine tasting programs or been to some of the formal tastings it can seem very intimidating for those just starting out. What if I say that it tastes like this, has notes of this, has a wonderful nose etc and more experienced wine drinkers just stare at me like I am a crazy novice? What if I can’t get that wine swirl going on properly or hold my glass wrong? Joining a wine club who was started by someone who was so open with her journey inspired me that I could be open with mine. Everyone has to learn somewhere right?

The Events
44 wines was my first iyellow wine event back in the Spring of this year at the Toronto board of Trade. I had been eating primarily local food for some time but could find my way to the J. Lohr at the LCBO blindfolded. With a beautiful wine country under 100 miles away in Niagara, I was determined to find local wine that I would love. This event featured 44 different wines from 22 different wine makers in the Niagara on the Lake region. I made sure I went by myself so I would spend time talking to the wine makers and meet new people instead of just talking with my friends. When I arrived I was impressed by how organized everything was and by the ambiance. A fresh young vibe complete with a DJ, a tweet wall so people could share what they loved and delicious appetizers by Oliver and Bonacini. There were also naked wine tasting, and wine and food pairing sessions so attendees could learn about different wine subjects that interested them. I attended the food and wine pairing session led by Chef Jason Parsons and Peller Estates wine maker Lawrence Buhler and fell a little in love as the Chef had done a gorgeous appetizer of smoked salmon on asparagus fricasse with fiddlehead icecream. Yes I said fiddle head ice cream. Seriously good stuff! I digress, back to the wine. I truly discovered new wines and winemakers that I love that are passionate about their wines and dedicated to sustainable growing and producing. My two favorites from this event were Lailey Vineyards and Southbrook wines. I left inspired and excited and ready to challenge the next person who said they had never tried a good Ontario wine. This event inspired me to take on a 6 month journey to drink exclusively local wine and see what I had been missing because clearly I had been missing a lot! Watch for an upcoming post on all of the wines I discovered during my 6 months what I loved and what I didn’t. I am happy to report that I am still drinking local wine and ask for it constantly at restaurants to make sure they recognize that there is demand.

Chef Jason Parsons Smoked salmon with asparagus fricasse and fiddlehead ice cream

Chef Jason Parsons plating for the food and wine pairing session iYellow Wine Club

Be Guilty which was a launch party for Malivoire’s Guilty Men red and white was my second event. Held at the Angell Gallery on Ossington this event was seriously cool. Guests mingled around the art sampling Malivoire’s latest wines while listening to some very cool global chill and tasting beautiful cheeses and appetizers. I Love Love Love the Guilty Men red which is spicy and rich. It is one of the best Ontario blends that I have tried. 42% Merlot, 30% Pinot Noir, and 28% Cab it is delicious, you need to try this wine! The new wines and accompanying products like the Rosemary wine syrup which were in our SWAG bags are as sexy as they are delicious. I really enjoyed the feel of this event it was more like going out to a cocktail party with everyone dressed to the nines and wandering around enjoying themselves.

Malivoire's Guilty Men launch presented by iYellow Wine Club

Guilty Men launch presented by iYellow Wine Club

A Global Wine experience was the most recent event that I attended. Held at 99 Subury in an absolutely gorgeous space. This event partnered with Trialto Wine Group to bring wine club members 22 exciting wines from all over the world. Set up similiarly to the 44 wines event you could taste wine at all of the different booths and talk directly with the wine makers. There were some very pleasant discoveries including some great wines from Washington…who knew? My favorite discovery of the evening was a gorgeous Poetica from Southbrook. Inspired by poets the labels on this wine have beautifully scripted poetry from Canadian poets which express their deep love and commitment of the earth. Truly reflective of their core values, I didn’t think I could love their wines more than I already did until I tried the Poetica Cab Sauv. These are limited edition and I highly recommend that you pick some up.

Global tasting experience sip the world with iYellow Wine Club

Get schooled
Although I have not yet been iyellow wine offers different
wine classes! Learn about a variety of wine types, and themes in relaxed environments. I can’t wait to go.

Sweet endings and new beginningsI know this has been a long post, but I really wanted to do a piece which came close to doing iyellowwineclub justice. Angela has inspired me to get outside my comfort zone and more than that has enabled me to find wines and winemakers that I truly treasure and to engage in a wine community which is supportive and interactive. I found my wine voice. I found and fell in love with Ontario wines and for that I am truly indebted to her. Thank you Angela for doing what you do and for being the person with the big heart that you are. Both you and Talia really make your members feel special and I look forward to many more years of iyellow wine conversations.


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6 Responses to iYellow Wine Club a fresh and modern take on discovering the world of wine

  1. angela says:

    This is such a great piece! Thanks for saying such great things and spreading the word! Much appreciated!

    • Thanks Ange! You deserve every success for helping to connect the community and making learning about wine a pleasurable experience. I will be away for the next event as I am on a conference but hope to attend some wine classes when I get back! Have a good day!

  2. whozyerdanny says:

    Angela (iYellow) once told me that if I like the way a wine tasted, it was a good wine. A fantastic approach to wine tasting which is usually a pretentious and intimidating experience . Great blog!

    • I totally agree it can totally seem like an intimidating experience. It sounds like good advice to me especially when you realize finally that each person tastes and discovers each wine differentlt. I recently tried a Syrah from Lailey (excellent by the way) and the first time I tried it I smelled coffee, when I was looking on their web site they were talking about notes of smoked meat. The next time I tried it I totally picked that up. When I told friends the story they had detected meat first but smelled coffee after hearing my experience. Thank you for the compliment. It is a bit of a work in progress. Happy wine tasting!

  3. I’m glad I stumbled across this article. I have never heard of the organization. Glad to see that local County wines and wine makers are being featured .

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