Tandoori chicken, Naan, and cucumber raita

Inspired by looking through my friend Ranjiv‘s facebook bbq photos, I tried to try my hand at making Indian food at home. Indian food is one of my favorites all the exotic and fragrant spices! I wanted to make my Tandoori chicken, naan, and cucumber raita as authentic as possible, while recognizing the limitations of making all my dishes inside instead of on the BBQ. I found a great site which both posted all the recipes I needed from making my own garlic paste, to making my own Tandoori masala.

Showmethecurry even has helpful videos to demonstrate technique. I won’t post recipes as I followed them almost exactly as found on the site but I hope you enjoy the photos from my cullinary journey and please do check out their site, you will be glad you did.

My love of Indian food starts with the spices! You can purchase tandoori masala but I really wanted to have the experience of making my own. I am delighted I did, my kitchen still smells wonderful! The only comment I will make is the store bought ones are much more red and the recipe that they demonstrate has a little red food coloring for asthetics but the flavor is just fine without it.

Spices for tandoori masala

Tandoori chicken is a combination of spices in a yogurt marinade. I used local organic chicken and local sheeps milk yogurt. Marinating the chicken overnight makes it extra tender and flavorful. Most people I know make it on the BBQ as it generally requires a very high heat. My friend suggested that I make mine in the oven at 450-475 instead of my indoor grill which I did and it turned out beautifully, although sans grill marks.

Tandoori Chicken

A perfect compliment to the spice of the chicken is a cooling creamy raita. I made a cucumber raita. I did add a little fresh mint in addition to the ingredients listed and omitted the chat masala as I didn’t have any.

Cucumber raita

Naan bread is one of my favorite breads, soft and fluffy similiar to a greek pocketless hand stretched pita, it is very versatile and you can top with any variety of spices or enjoy plain with a raita or curry. This was soooo easy to make and will definitely become a staple in my kitchen for when I need a quick Indian food fix!


The feast was ready and despite setting off my fire alarm briefly from the heat of the oven on an already scorching day in my tiny little loft. It was Fabulous!

My Tandoori feast

I definitely had lots left over which I plan on using to top a salad and to make a tandoori panini.

The finished plate


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