Beer Battered Zucchini Blossoms stuffed with Pecorino fresco

One of the other treats of summer is the delicate orange blooms of the zucchini flower. On the heels of the world cup I thought stuffing the beautiful orange blossoms with a sharp creamy cheese and coating them in a light Heineken batter would be perfect for the big game. These are very very easy to make and delicious with the contrast of flavours, the nuttiness of flower, the sharp cheese, and the tangy beer batter. Too bad I was out of Merula Spanish Olive Oil or it would have truly have been a cullinary reflection of the match.

Beer battered Zucchini Blossoms stuffed with Pecorino Fresco

Beer battered zucchini flowers stuffed with Monteforte Pecorino Fresco

Vegetable oil 1-2 cups (enough to fill a saucepan about 2 inches)
10-12 large zucchini blossoms
2/3 cup all purpose flour
1 1/4 cup beer (I used Heinekin but any light colored beer will do, you can also use soda water if you don’t care for beer)
3/4 cup pecorino fresco
1 Tbsp fresh thyme (optional)

In a large bowl whisk together flour and beer

Gently open the zucchini flowers and remove stamen inside
Wash the flowers and carefully dry with paper towel

Gently stuff the flowers with pecorino fresco and thyme if desired.

Heat oil you will be able to tell when it is hot enough if you drop a small drip of batter in and it sizzles

Immerse the flowers in the batter and hang upside down to allow any excess batter to run off

Place in the hot oil 3 at a time until golden brown turning over when they start to color about 2 minutes

Remove from oil and place on paper towel to absord any excess oil.

Salt if desired

Plate as is or add as a garnish to a dish or salad.



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