The ground beneath her feet- a souffle to die for

Chevre and Thyme souffle

Chevre and thyme souffle

While the earth rumbled in Toronto with a 5.5 earthquake and the helicopters circled overhead I was dreaming up my dinner. Souffle as light and airy as clouds on the sunniest of days, that would make the ground tremble beneath my feet in a good way. Pairs well with reisling, pinot grigio, pinot blanc. Super easy, and airy. This souffle will have you sighing Fabulous! with very little effort

2 tbsp butter (plus more to grease rammekins)
4 egg whites
1 1/4 cups milk
2 egg yolks
2 TBSP flour
6 oz chevre (roughly crumbled)
1 TBSP fresh thyme (plus more for garnish)
Salt and pepper if desired

I like to get all my ingredients for this together in little bowls so I can work quickly and have everything measured and ready to add

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Grease rammekins with butter and coat insides with bread crumbs or nuts. I used a hazelnut and thyme combination…tap out excess

Seperate egg yolks and egg whites. Place whites in a mixer or mixing bowl. Place yolks in a a seperate bowl , whisk and reserve

In a medium sauce pan over medium low heat melt 2 TBSP butter

Add flour and whisk constantly for about 3 min (this step cooks out any raw flour flavour)

Increase heat to medium and add in milk whisking constantly for another 5 minutes (mixture will be very thick)

Whisk in 1/2 the goat cheese and the thyme and stir until smooth.

Add salt and pepper if desired (I am trying to watch sodium and skipped them as the chevre and thyme are very flavorful as it is)

Whisk in egg yolks and remove from heat

Let cool for about 5 minutes

While mixture is cooling beat or whisk egg whites until they form stiff peaks

After mixture has cooled for 5 minutes fold 1/4 of the whites into the saucepan to lighten your mixture

Add combined mixture into the mixing bowl and fold in the remainder of the whites

Fold in remaining chevre

Divide mixture into rammekins (this made two for me in medium rammekins)

Place rammekins in a metal backing dish and fill with hot water until half way up the sides

Bake in a 350 degree oven until they rise above the top of rammekin and are golden and slightly crispy on outside approximately 30-40 minutes

Garnish with fresh thyme and serve in their rammekins immediately

Fashionista tip if you are not cooking for two you can refrigerate and then rebake the second one for 10 minutes at 350 for a second delicious meal



Passion meets the plate. Focusing on making cooking for one fun using fresh and local ingredients, notable local wines, with a splash of fashion. Get Fresh, Get Local, Get Fabulous!
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