My love affair with Trinity Bellwoods FM

My love affair with Trinity Bellwoods Farmer’s market

On the way to one of my favorite markets

As I listened to the rain fall heavily all day all I kept thinking about was please let the famers market be open. With so many markets closed this week due to the summits and people having difficulty getting their products into the city, I was hoping that it would still be open. I was delighted to read on their website that they would be open rain or shine and as I headed off into the lush green park sparkling with raindrops the air seemed to hang with promise and opportunity. What would I make? What would my favorite grass fed beef vendor bring this week. What beautiful herbs would they have at the Matchbox garden and seed company have adorning their stall?

My idea of heaven

One of my favorite markets as it truly is integrated into the park where you emerge from a peaceful path to tents full of local fare and smiling faces. This is where I feel most alive. My mind going a mile a minute with all the color, the beautiful herbs permeating the air, the fresh baked breads.

This week as usual did not disapoint. I picked up a lush lettuce tipped in purple frilled edges, almost too pretty to eat, some beautiful grass fed beef steaks which were longing for a dijon, merlot, thyme sauce, and some flowering thyme and orange mint. And so the meal was visualized standing there in the middle of a park. I rushed home with my finds and started to create.

The sun came out just as I started cooking…coincidence?

Grass fed beef steaks

Local lettuce with flowering thyme and orange mint

Steak with Merlot dijon thyme sauce with chevre, strawberry salad

1 tsp butter
1 TBSP olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 cup merlot (I used a local 2007 Lailey Merlot)
1 TBSP dijon mustard
2 cups washed lettuce torn into bite size pieces
2 TBSP chevre
2 TBSP toasted pecans
5 strawberries cut into quarters

Preheat oven to 350
Heat butter and olive oil in an oven proof skillet
Season steak on each side with salt and pepper
When pan is very hot add steak and sear on each side for approx 2 min per side
Place skillet in oven and cook for 10 more min
Remove steak from pan and tent in foil to let meat rest and juices return to meat
Place skillet on stove top and immediately add wine to deglaze pan ensuring to scrape up and brown bits as they will add alot of flavour to your sauce.
Add dijon mustard and whisk until combined. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Reduce heat to simmer and let sauce reduce.

While your sauce is reducing and your meat is resting. Toss your lettuce in a bowl with dressing ( I used a homemade balsamic vinagrette) add chevre and toss in strawberries and pecans.

Plate steak and salad and drizzle wine sauce ontop of meat. Garnish with Thyme sprigs

Plate and enjoy!!!

This meal is almost 100% local with the exceptions being the olive oil, the balsamic and dijon…the flavour can be further enhanced by pairing a nice Merlot…highly recommend the 2007 Lailey Merlot.

Steak with merlot, dijon, thyme sauce and salad with chevre and strawberries



Passion meets the plate. Focusing on making cooking for one fun using fresh and local ingredients, notable local wines, with a splash of fashion. Get Fresh, Get Local, Get Fabulous!
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