Bragging about Burrata

It seems like chefs and cheese market everywhere were tweeting about Burrata. I had no idea what it tasted like or why I wanted it but I HAD to have it. Sure enough when I asked around at several cheese shops there was none to be had. It flies out the door and some cheese shops are even creating waiting lists for the next order from Italy. When I visited the Village Cheesemonger in Liberty Village the owner was eager to share his thoughts on this sought after Italian soft centred cheese, he remembered that I had been looking for it (I am quite sure I have raved about the exceptional service in thatand told me about a local company in Vaughn Bella Casara that was producing their own version of it. Having scooped up one of the last rounds of Fifth Town Lemon Fetish, I was on a bit of a high and said I may as well try the local for comparison’s sake so I would have a benchmark for when the Italian dreamy stuff comes in. With loads of gorgeous tomatoes that I picked up at the Metro Hall Farmer’s market I was inspired by the simplicity of creating an elegant and easy salad. Literally I just laid some arugula, tomatoes, a little burrata on a plate and drizzled with balsamic reduction. The cheese was soft and creamy on the inside and firmer on the outside, similar to a bocconcini, I let it sit for about 30 minutes before plating it and it was delicious. Highly recommend trying it! Although I am dying to try the italian which comes wrapped in leaves and indulge my inner chef for comparison. I am happy that I discovered that the local product is good and fits with my 100 mile lifestyle.

Arugula, tomato, and Burrata salad with balsamic reduction



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